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List of Biggest Waterfall in India for Competitive Exams

Mostly asked Waterfall in India, which are asked for Competitive Exams like Bank, SSC, AFCAT, NDA, CDS & Railway, Nursing exams. 
the biggest waterfall in india
We found such Popular falls are asked by examiner, some times we fail to give right answer.
So my sincere request just read these terms before appearing any exams.

Important WaterFalls For Government Exam Point of View

Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world
Kunchikal falls is the second highest waterfall in Asia
Jog Falls in Karnataka is the Biggest waterfall in India
Kakolat Falls - Bihar (Nawada)
Teerathgarh Falls - Chhattisgarh
Dudhsagar Falls - Goa
Hathni waterfall - Gujarat
Palani Falls - Himachal Pradesh 
Bundla Falls -Himachal Pradesh 
Lodh Falls - Jharkhand
Lower Ghaghri Falls -Jharkhand
Meenmutty Falls - Kerala
Soochipara Falls -Kerala
Magod Falls - Karnataka
Kunchikal Falls –Karnataka
Barkana Falls -Karnataka
Jog Falls -Karnataka
Hebbe Falls -Karnataka
Kalhatti Falls -Karnataka
Keppa Falls -Karnataka
Koosalli Falls -Karnataka
Shivanasamudra Falls -Karnataka
Bishop Falls - Meghalaya 
Beadon Falls -Meghalaya 
Nohkalikai Falls -Meghalaya 
Nohsngithiang Falls -Meghalaya 
Kynrem Falls -Meghalaya 
Vantawng Falls - Mizoram
Pandavgad Falls -  Maharashtra
Kune Falls -Maharashtra
Chachai Falls -  Madhya Pradesh
Keoti Falls -Madhya Pradesh
Rajat Prapat -Madhya Pradesh
Joranda Falls - Odisha (Mayurbhanj)
Duduma Falls - Odisha (Koraput)
Barehipani Falls - Odisha (Mayurbhanj)
Khandadhar Falls - Odisha (Kendujhar)
Badaghagara Waterfall - Odisha (Kendujhar)
Menal Falls - Rajasthan (Chittorgarh)
Bhemlat Falls - Rajasthan (Bundi)
Alewa Falls - Rajasthan (Alwas)
Chuliya Fal l- Rajasthan (chittorgarh)
Thalaiyar Falls - Tamilnadu 
Kutralam Falls - Tamilnadu (Tirunelveli)
Tiger Falls - Uttarakhand
Vasudhara Falls -Uttarakhand
Gauri Kund -Uttarakhand
Kempty Falls -Uttarakhand (Mussoorie)
Lakhaniya Dari Waterfall - Uttar Pradesh (Mirzapur)
Sidhnath Dari Waterfall -Uttar Pradesh (Mirzapur)
Rajdari -Uttar Pradesh (Devdari)
Aaurwatadh -Uttar Pradesh (Chandauli)

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