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Popular Abbreviations List for Competitive Exams: SSC, IBPS Students

Most Common & Important Abbreviations, which we are using in our day to day life. but when it come for Competitive Exams like Bank, SSC, AFCAT, NDA, CDS & Railway, Nursing exams.
list of abbreviations for students

We found such Popular Abbreviations are asked by examiner, some times we fail to give right answer.
So my sincere request just read these terms before appearing any exams.
  •  P D F:- Portable Document Format.
  •  H T M L:- Hyper Text Markup Language.
  •  N E F T:- National Electronic Fund Transfer.
  •  M I C R:- Magnetic Inc Character Recognition.
  •  I F S C:- Indian Financial System Code.
  •  I S P:- Internet Service Provider.
  •  E C S:- Electronic Clearing System.
  •  C S T:- Central Sales Tax.
  •  CRR:- Cash Reserve Ratio.
  •  U D P:- User Datagram Protocol.
  •  R T C:- Real Time Clock.
  •  I P:- Internet Protocol.
  •  C A G:- Comptroller and Auditor General.
  •  F E R A:- Foreign Exchange Regulation Act.
  •  I S R O:- International Space Research organization.
  •  I S D N:- Integrated Services Digital Network.
  •  SAARC:- South Asian Association for Regional co –operation.
  •  O M R:- Optical Mark Recognition.
  •  A H R L:- Asian Human Right Commission.
  •  J P E G:- Joint photo Expert Group.
  •  U. R. L:- Uniform Resource Locator.
  •  I R D P:- Integrated Rural Development programme.
  •  A. S. L. V:- Augmented satellite Launch vehicle.
  •  I. C. U:- Intensive Care Unit.
  •  A. T. M:- Automated Teller Machine.
  •  C. T. S:- Cheque Transaction System.
  •  C. T. R:- Cash Transaction Receipt.
  •  N E F T:- National Electronic Funds Transfer.
  •  G D P:- Gross Domestic Product.
  •  F D I:- Foreign Direct Investment .
  •  E P F O:- Employees Provident Fund Organization.
  •  C R R:- Cash Reserve Ratio.
  •  CFRA:- Combined Finance & Revenue Accounts.
  •  GPF:- General Provident Fund.
  •  GMT:- Global Mean Time.
  •  GPS:- Global Positioning System
  •  GNP:- Gross National Product.
  •  SEU:- Slightly Enriched Uranium.
  •  GST :-( Goods and Service Tax).
  •  GOOGLE:- Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth.
  •  YAHOO:- Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle .
  •  WINDOW:- Wide Interactive Network Development for Office work Solution .
  •  COMPUTER: - Common Oriented Machine Particularly United and used under Technical and Educational Research.
  •  VIRUS:- Vital Information Resources Under Siege.
  •  UMTS:- Universal Mobile Tele communications System.
  •  AMOLED:- Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode.
  •  OLED :- Organic light-emitting diode
  •  IMEI:- International Mobile Equipment Identity.
  •  ESN:- Electronic Serial Number.

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