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Computer Online Test with Answer - Computer Awareness Practice Test

Are you preparing for competitive exams? Choose Computer Knowledge online quizzes to check your preparation level for SBI PO, SBI Clerk, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB, SBI SO, RBI, RRB Assistant and officer, and other exams like SSC CGL, Insurance (LIC AAO, UICL, GIC) Exams.

computer online test with answer
Here are free computer online test with answer quizzes with 15 questions in each set that we now have in our blog Quiz Center.

NaukriAddaInd Blog aims to provide free study material on computer knowledge tests useful for each exam preparation. The level of Questions gradually increases in upcoming tests.

These Online practice test quizzes work on most mobile devices and all major browsers.

Computer Online Test Questions with Answers 

Below we have given competitive exams preparation with computer general knowledge quiz section for easy understanding. Just click on the option and check the answer by clicking on it.
1. What is the full form of the RAM?

... Answer is B)
The full form of RAM is "Random Access Memory"

2. What is the Brain of a Computer?

... Answer is C)
CPU is called brain of the computer.

3. Memory that temporarily stores data and that can be erased or changed is known as ____________.

... Answer is D)
Random Access Memory.

4. Information that is entered into a computer is called as ______________?

... Answer is A)

5. Information that a computer produces and delivers back to the user is known as ____________?

... Answer is B)

6. MP3 player is ____________?

... Answer is C)
Both (A) and (B)"

7. The smallest unit of computerized data is referred as _____________?

... Answer is A)

8. After copying the content, how many times can you paste _____________?

... Answer is D)
Many times"

9. What is the keyboard shortcut key to merge a document _______________?

... Answer is A)

10. In a table to move to the first cell in a row, ___________ is the keyboard shortcut key.

... Answer is D)

11. To find text, formatting and special items ____ is the keyboard short key?

... Answer is C)

12. What is the shortcut key to display the 'save as' dialog box ______________?

... Answer is B)

13. Whhich among the following __________ is a logical function?

... Answer is D)

14. Which of the following is correct syntax in excel _______________?

... Answer is B)
REPLACE (old-text, Start-num, num-chars, New-text)"

15. Which of the following is correct ________________?

... Answer is A)
Frequency (data-array, bins array)

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